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A warm, welcoming, and safe place.

The Share Shop is set up like a regular retail store but there are no cash registers!

Clients choose their items and bring them to the checkout area where they are counted and bagged.  There is a limit of 25 items per day, but clients are invited to return another day and shop again. 


Many of our clients are “regulars” who shop two or three times a week.  They have made friends with one another and with our volunteers.  Some aren’t even here to shop, but more to socialize with one another.  Creating community is an additional benefit.

Shoppers are also asked to sign out where they indicate their name, town and number in household.  This information is used to provide demographics to the four towns who provide Mass Appeal with annual grants.  Clients are also encouraged to make a donation “if able” which tends to run in the $1 - $5 range, sometimes more.

There are no applications, means testing or waiting lines. Our mission is to make the Share Shop warm, welcoming and safe. We don’t ask any personal questions, but we offer advice and make referrals if requested. We work with our affiliate, the Outer Cape Committee Against Domestic Abuse (OCCADA) and other social services agencies to which we refer our clients as needed.

Clothing for adults & children 

Linens, blankets & towels

Children’s books & toys

Shoes for adults & children

New children’s footwear & undies

Handbags & accessories

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