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NOW HIRING: Executive Director

This is a part time position. Tuesday - Saturday 8:45am-12:15pm. We are open to all interested candidates and please share a cover letter describing your interests, skills, experience and resume. Please send to Rebecca@ccmassapeal.org

Summary of Responsibilities

The Executive Director will attend the shop during open hours to look after operations and support volunteers. Daily duties include physical readiness of the shop, assure staffing of volunteers, responding to email, and phone inquiries. Look after the physical wellbeing of the shop including donation handling of clothes, donations, supplies, utilities, trash etc. Assure the shop is visually pleasing, organized, friendly and inviting to visitors. Be sure visitors are greeted, collect key information from sign out sheets, record customer profile data for future use in grant applications. At the end of the shop hours, make sure of proper closure procedures including security and cash handling. The Executive Director is the primary contact for Mass Appeal. Therefore he/she must be prepared to answer all questions about the mission, the goals, the processes, etc. Recent examples would include community events such as the Wellfleet Chamber of Commerce “After Hours” event and The Chapel of St. Peter the Fisherman’s “Outreach” event. The Executive Director may become aware of confidential personal matters from time to time and may be called on to help connect a visitor in need with a key source of support for their need beyond clothing.

Administrative duties

  • Monitor and manage finances of the shop.

  • Responsibility for checking account administration as well as cash handling/donations/deposits to the bank

  • Fiscal management using Quicken, assure accuracy for all transactions,

  • Accounts payable, online entries and recording into financial systems

  • Management of donations, deposit and recording into financial systems

  • Retrieve paper mail from post office/PO Box (2-3 x per week)

  • Monthly preparation of the end of month financial reports

  • Review and edit minutes of previous board meeting from Secretary

  • Host and prepare agenda, documents for the Board of Directors meeting (currently 2nd Wednesday of the month). Assure board members are informed in advance of the meeting elements

  • Assure compliance to State and/or Federal requirements and filings to assure nonprofit good standing.

  • Support Tax filing each year using outcomes of Quicken and finance systems


Fundraising and grant-writing are major components of the Executive Director’s responsibilities. Mass Appeal is entirely dependent on donations from individuals, businesses, corporations, and foundations. To share some history, in 2020, Mass Appeal embarked on a direct mail campaign starting with companies and individuals who had made donations in the past. Eventually random lists of donors were combined into one consolidated file, which is the basis for sending letters requesting donations. Other historical sources include pointed campaigns via “GoFundMe” to draw attention to a specific need.

GRANT MANAGEMENT and tasks associated with applications

  • Quarterly or annually as appropriate, submit requests for allocations to neighboring and appropriate towns.

  • The Executive Director must also be prepared to meet with a grantee’s committee either in person or via Zoom. The Executive Director is well-prepared, articulate, and responsive to the committee’s questions. This applies to both corporate foundation grants and Town grants.

  • Uncover new grant sources, requirements, and opportunities to widen the financial resources of Mass Appeal allowing us to widen our work.

  • Maintain up to date and accurate information to support grant applications including attention to deadlines, budget, board of directors’ roster, IRS determination letter, Form 990 etc. Be comfortable and have proven experience writing an appropriate narrative, an explanation of the mission of the organization, the purpose of the program and how it will accomplish its goals. Be prepared to provide status reports and closure to grantors, when requested.

Foundation Grants

Foundation grants are generally requested for specific programs, instead of operating expenses. The Executive Director will have the responsibility to continue applications to known sources which may include local banks, local foundations, and community agencies. Mass Appeal has received foundation grants from the Kelley Foundation and the Grimes Foundation both of which are part of the Cape Cod Foundation.


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